there are 15 spots on the roster, not 12

7 preseason games, 82 regular season games and up to 28 playoff games , that's a lot of innings that need to be eaten up. Just like every pitching staff needs a knucklballer or a long relief workhorse, the Celtics could use a 6'11'' vet with good hands, a nice shooting touch, good free throw shooter, solid citizen and an ABOVE AVERAGE REBOUNDER , YES I JUST SAID IT, TROY MURPHY IS A GOOD REBOUNDER.

He's not the future, but with a full training camp and an off season of conditioning , I predict Troy Murphy will crack the rotation and contribute to ANY playoff team he signs with. I'm sure the Lakers or the Knicks would love to have him.

Murphy is worth up to $3M for a one yr deal.

Sign him up !