Getting away from where the C's are/are going, there are and have been) two things in today's NBA that drive me crazy.

1)  Dribbling down the clock to get in the "last" play of the quarter.  The player initiating the play almost always starts way too late, so that either a) a bad shot is taken, or b) there's not enough time for a rebound off a miss and/or a put-back.  This has driven me crazy for years.

2) Waiting for a designated inbounder to get the ball and put it into play after a made basket. Wastes time, lets the opposing team get back and set its defense, and eliminates any possib;lity of a fast break.  What's wrong with whoever's nearest jumping out of bounds and throwing the ball to the next nearest player (probably the PG if he's playing it right)?

Just curious.