Two year window

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    Re: Two year window

    In response to R9R's comment:

    Roster w/ Contract details:

                             (12-13)          (13-14)          (14-15)

    Rondo                 11M               12M                13M

    Bradley               2.5M              3.5M 

    Terry                   5M                  5M                5.5M

    Lee                     5M                  5M                5.5M

    Christmas           500k              800k

    Joseph               500k               800k

    Pierce                16.8M             15.3M(p)

    Green                9M                   9M                9M

    Bass                  6M                   6.5M             7M

    Sullinger            1.3M                1.3M            1.4M

    Wilcox                1.3M

    KG                     11.5M            12.5M            12M

    Collins              1.3M

    Milicic                1.3M

    Melo                 1.2M              1.3M               1.4M



    Its hard to argue against the fact that our current roster is shaped with the potential for a championship, though not guarenteed. If this group gels well together and makes it deep in the playoffs, it looks like we remain as constructed for atleast one additional year, with two caveats:


    1. Paul Pierce takes his option. If not, we have ~ 15M (likely less) to spend on the market for a backup to J. Green. However, if KG and JET don't retire, Pierce is likely convinced to stay for that second year and test FA for the first time in 2015.

    2. If Wilcox does well, I see him needing a raise to stay. After a year of experience, I think Melo will be able to contribute as a 3rd string C. Therefore either Collins or Darko will be let go with the extra Mil going to Wilcox maybe a 3yr 9M contract tops.


    Why does this matter? I think our team's success is due to the intangibles. And going into the season with so much confidence and energy WHILE knowing that this isn't a 1 and done is going to be huge. So, when the season eventually begins, I would form your opinions of our team in the context of this (as currently contructed) being a two year window.

    I agree with you about the intangibles.  I think our depth will get us to the playoffs, then our experience and coaching will take us as far as we can go.  Hopefully all the way.  This team over acheived last year, and we are better this year.  Nice post, I can't wait for the season to start