Unqualified Disaster

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    Re: Unqualified Disaster

    In response to Fierce34's comment:

    In response to rameakap's comment:



    A lot better than Melo is working out for the Celtics.... moron.

    Following up on a rookie season where he played pretty well in a very limited role, Arnett Moultrie was going to get his chance at the start of the year to prove he could be key to the rebuilding Sixers by getting big minutes. - ProBasketballTalk

    Being a promising buliding block who gets hurt is like Jared Sullinger. Being cut is called a bust. You were of course WRONG in saying Melo was more of a need for this club and Moultrie was redundant with Jeff Green. Moultre is a PF stretch 5 who rebounds at a high rate. The team drafted Olynyk, a player who plays the same role Moultrie would have, and cut Melo. Green meanwhile started the year at SHOOTING GUARD


    The board bully responds to being called out on stalking people with comments from years past taken out of context by doing just that (and in a situation he was 100% WRONG about, hahahahahahah).

    Man what it must be like to have no life, be blind to how childish and pathetic you sound and be filled with such resentment towards others who are more intelligent and mature. That is Fierce for ya.

    Again, anyone who thinks the Celtics can't win 30 games is an absolute fool.


    Come on, rame, you already told everybody you would ignore me for good, just like what Mployee said.


    But here you are again, going back and forth with Fierce34.


    And an absolute fool is someone who said Jared Sullinger is going to be traded for Anderson Varejao even when Sullinger didn't play a single regular season game for the Celtics at that time.


    Always playing the fool. That is all you are good for.

    I ignored you all of last season after your idiocy and bullying tactics became too pathetic and immature to engage in anymore. Your arguments with me always ended in a loss for you (like comparing Moultrie to Green, and thinking Melo was the better choice).

    Yet you slimed your way into stalking and insulting people who got the better of you somehow, by clogging good threads with out of context manipulative garbage.

    Like taking my idea (not prediction) of trading the future (a 20 year old Sully) for the present (Varejao) before both players (and most importantly Rondo) were hurt. The C's who took the Heat to game 7 five months earlier were legit contenders a Varejao type rebounding big away from maybe being champions. If it got them past Miami in the PP/KG era it would have been a good trade.


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    Re: Unqualified Disaster

    Fierce, continuing to bring up Moultrie, a guy I wanted over Melo, just makes you look more of a fool.

    Sure he is out until January with an ankle injury, but he grabbed 9.6 boards per 36 mins as a rook and they still see him as a big part of their future. Melo is basically OUT OF THE LEAGUE. Green grabs 5.1 boards per 36, they are NOT redundant players. You were 100% WRONG.

    I am no longer a daily visitor to this site who needs to have an absolute loser like you on ingore in order to have conversations with adults here.

    But when I do stop in from time to time from my busy life in the real world (one you obviously do not have) and see your grandstanding blowbagging arrogant bullying in every thread, I will chuckle to myself that I am not as pathetic as you, and call you out on your ignorance, like when you claim the C's will get blown out by the Heat and have no chance to win 30 games.

    Always playing the fool. That is Fierce.

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    Re: Unqualified Disaster

    In response to Fierce34's comment:

    The month of November isn't over.

    If the Celts get more than 5 wins by Nov. 30, I'll gladly eat crow.

    I believe that the Celtics will have more than 5 wins by November 30th.   I would be surprised is this doesn't happen. 

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    Re: Unqualified Disaster

    In response to Fierce34's comment:

    After Miami beats Boston tonight, some of this playoff talk will look silly.

    Celts are about to start the season at 2-5 and the Celtics will still have to face the Blazers, Wolves, Rockets, Spurs, and Pacers.

    That's another 5 losses.

    The Celts will be lucky if they get 5 wins this month.


      Fierce right on the money again!    HAHAHAHA