Update: Darko is a Celtic

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    Re: Update: Darko is a Celtic

    In response to hedleylamarr's comment:

    You don't argue, you contradict.  That is the lowest form of arguing.  You are afraid to argue, because you don't know how to.  You have ZERO etiquette.  It is a complete waste of time trying to make a point with you - you won't even stand behind your comments.  Your "sources" are fellow lakers fans, who, in general, are the most ill-informed fans on the planet, and who, despite what you might think, are fair-weather fans who will jump off the bandwagon the day kobe retires.  How many fans in LA still follow the Rams??  None from this generation...............which is, of course, my point.  IF the lakers ever moved out of LA, they would lose a huge following.  Not saying that would happen, but can you really see all these kobe-crazed idiots rooting for the Seattle Lakers???

    Well, looks like you have to resort to personal attack, instead of arguing the matter. Of course, that's a better form than those smart-S one-liner response, but not much better.

    My source are Lakers fans, yet what source you used to support your opinion? TommyRules, a big adversary. Of course, using the same rule of the game, using Lakers fans' opinion to support either side, you still lose big-time.

    I mean, if I don't argue, what have you become? you've been repeatedly told that your argument doesn't make basketball sense (as if the Lakers would have rejected the Gasol gift had Bynum not injured), yet you repeatedly try to stick to a nonsense argument, because admitting otherwise would be a slap on the face. You've gone to far to admit that you are wrong, but hanging on Mitch/Phil's statement won't save you much, since their statements are still different from the speculation (that's !B for you logic illiterate)...

    Of course I won't stand behind my "comments", the comments you completely falsified the meaning. Why should I stand behind some interpretation you fabricated? please enlighten us.



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