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        If wade is a non factor in today's game, then the C's will win. It will come down to which team is more aggressive.. Players like Green and Krstic will have to be dominant; relying on the "big 3" doesn't work any more.
       Unfortunately, it doesn't really matter. The road has to go through the Bulls, and the C's will not stand a chance.
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    Re: Urgency

    What a defeatist comment why even post?  What does this add what kind of fan are you that a team we are 2 and 2 in the regular season with and had to play recently with new additions and many injuries that we will not stand a chance. 

    What did you say last year?  I mean are we supposed to congratulate if you are right?  The road to a championship is always hard.  If we get to the conference finals I love our chances.  You think Rondo is not going to play better against Rose.  You think we are going to miss all the easy shots.  You have every right to post but what is your hope here,  according to you there is no point in watching further.  
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