Use Perk to get that elusive SF

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    Re: Use Perk to get that elusive SF

    Keep Perk until at least the trade deadline.
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    Re: Use Perk to get that elusive SF

    'Melo will almost certainly opt out, got to New York or nw Orleans, but if not he would be a pretty big splash...

    Say we use Sheed to get a decent SF and save some team money, also pick up a 2nd rd pick, or future 1st, something like that for helping the save 10 mil.

    This means Posey or Nocioni and their 2 year contracts. Either of them fills an 18 min role over the enxt 2 years as a defender of big 3's and a savvy vet who can knock down a big shot and strengthen the bench.

    We won't have to trade Perk for either of them. Perk gets a 1 year deal after this season to show he is fully recovered and can play like the 12-9-2 guy he was for 3 months this pastseason, then if he is that solid guy we can give him a 5 year deal if Dwight stays in Orlando.

    I'd like to use the full MLE next summer on David West, I am certain he will opt out of his 6.5 option in NO, but he may command 5/60 type money, not 5/40.

    That would mean summer of 2012:

    Pierce - 16.5
    Rondo - 11
    West - 6.5
    Bradley - 1.75
    '11 1st rd pick - 1.25

    37 million

    that will leave 21-24 million in cap space

    Need at least 18 to offer Dwight the Amare deal, 5 at 100, so that is fine. but Dwight will prob try and get Chris Paul and another FA to join him.

    if we miss on him then I would spread the rest among Perk, Gerald Wallace and one more guy.

    So Perk stays for say 5/40-45 after a return to health in '12. Gerald Wallace comes here 5/55-60. That leaves 5-8 million to offer a deal anywhere from 5/35 (essentially MLE) or 5/50 depending on what the cap is that year

    Had Pierce's deal been structured so he made 13 instead of 16 million that season, we may have had the $ to offer a restricted free agent a contract that wouldn't be matched. Now we will not.



    With Bradley, 2 1st rd picks, some other unknown signing for MLE type $, then the full MLE once we hit the cap and possibly Ray/KG/JON sticking around for 1 year at the LLE and vet min,

    That is a team that will contend

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    Re: Use Perk to get that elusive SF

    As a Lakers fan I pray that the Celtics trade away Perk for another wing off who comes off the bench. With Bynum, Gasol, and Odom going against the aging trio of KG, O'Neal 1, and O'Neal 2, the rebounding advantage we had in the finals would continue. The only way I could see Ainge making a trade like that is if they could maybe get G. Wallace from Charlotte. With Wallace, they would be able to go small and play an up and down game with KG manning the middle. Not a bad core to build around (Rondo and G. Wallace) when the big three retire.