Varejao for Green?

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    Re: Varejao for Green?

    Varejao and Pierce would be 24 million in exp contracts summer of 2014. When Rondo and Green would only be 27-28 years old and costing at the most 22-23 million the next year.

    We'd have 3-4 other # 1 draft picks in the 21-23 year old range all on rookie deals (Avery if we kept him would have a qualifying offer of 3.5m).

    So we'd prob have 18-23 million in cap space depending on the cap #.

    The Big 3 era would be 1005 over. Pierce has said he will retire after this deal at age 36 to take his young kids to Europe (a la Kobe and Jelly Bean) to soak in the culture and Paul can make a good living into his early 40's where he'd be a starter and a star.

    Ray can play 3 more years like Reggie.

    KG may not make in past 2012, let alone 2014.

    but safe to say THAT is when 20+ million in cap space will be awesome. Not having 13-16 million in cap space nezt summer and putting all the eggs in the Howard basket.

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    Re: Varejao for Green?

    Young, starting quality, possible free agents summer of 2014 are:

    Gerald Henderson
    Luol Deng
    Ben Gordon
    Greg Monroe
    Steph curry
    Monta Ellis
    Andris Biedrins
    Kevin Martin
    Jordan Hill
    Terrance Williams
    Courtney Lee
    Paul George
    Tyler Hansbrough
    Blake Griffin
    Andrew Bogut
    Brandon Jennings
    Wes Johnson
    Johnny Flynn
    Emeka Okafor
    Trevor Ariza
    James Harden
    Thabo Sefolosha
    Serge Ibaka
    Andre Iguodala
    Evan Turner
    Marcin gortat
    Brandon Roy
    Tyreke Evans
    Omar Casspi
    DeMacus Cousins
    James Anderson
    Ed Davis
    Derrick Favors
    John Wall

    Try to win a title 2012 and 2013. Then you have a year in 2014 when you are a playoff team but not a contender. You've hopefully got 3 young all-star talents (Rondo-Green-Clips '12 #1 pick) 24 million in exp contracts to trade (w/ 2-3 other good young players or 2-3 future picks) or that amount in cap room that summer to fill the gaps.
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    Re: Varejao for Green?

    I like Varejao. I think of him as a poor man's Dennis Rodman. He's a pesky defender, hustles, and a good defender. The C's could use a player like that, than again so can any team. However I like Jeff Green. I don't agree with all the comments about him being a poor defender. He defended both Carmelo and Lebron well, better than Pierce did during the playoffs.
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    Re: Varejao for Green?

    Varejeo probably fits better than most think. He's huge and has quick feet. He hustles and sets a great pick. Can't jump but has the size to compensate. Also, he doesn't need shots to be effective. He would fit the aging big 3 like a glove.


    If you give up Green, there goes your only chance at a running game. If they are not going to commit to running a bit more, then they might as well deal him. We'll just see more of the same if it's half court ball. It's just not Green's long suit.
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    Re: Varejao for Green?

    In Response to Varejao for Green?:
    Anybody...anybody? Green fits more of what the Cavs are probably looking for. Varejao gives us that energy guy and true PF.
    Posted by BiasLewis
    Even though i like Varejao, Green is a much better player than he is if we did that trade, the cavs would be the win while we would lose out. besides, Varejao,s contract is a killer.