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In Response to Re: Vet minimum centers possibly? : Who knows it certainly says nothing along the lines of: 'West hated New Orleans so much and wants a title so bad that he will leave 3 million on the table along with multiple long-term well paying deals after the lockout to play for a contender at 1 year and 5 million' Cuz thats what you seem to think he'll do.... or that Stern is going to scramble after a new CBA is decided to help make some Baby/Avery for West sign and trade happen to help a team he hates (examples of Stern celtic hate: Reggie Lewis salary weighed down our cap for years after he died, 2010 finals officiating, lotto rigged for Knicks to get Ewing but not for Celts to get Duncan:D) West will be 31 in 2012 so when you start worrying about losing KG, he will have had major knee surgery and be older than the healthy KG we traded for in 07. When he was in his prime in his 20's with CP3, Chandler/Okafor and Peja/Ariza his team was just a 2nd rd playoff club, never a real threat. Put an older less effective West with Rondo, Pierce (age 35) and Green and do you think we'll be any better than the 08-11 Hornets? If we had a Center like Kaman or someone else decent we traded our assets on we could be BETTER with Baby/Johnson and some Jeff Green, all in their 20's at PF... then West in his 30's.
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Agreed.  I think West is over-rated and over the hill.  I would rather have Baby, and I don't want him...:)  I'd take Aaron Gray, JON and Brown then make a run at DH next year.