VOGEL "Miami is JUST ANOTHER TEAM".... did he just cost them the series with his MOUTH?

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    Re: VOGEL

    Bulletin board material is blown way out of proportion imo... just ask Bubba Smith and Earl Morral of the 69 Colts after Braodway Joe guaranteed the super bowl win.

    So many have these special causes that supposedly motivate them extra to win a game or match... truth probably is, it rarely matters..

    but do you really believe the Pacers would win the series?? Sounds like it from your headline

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    Re: VOGEL

    In response to ImagydSportsBos's comment:

    was expecting the heat to come out flat and perhaps lose game one and slowly ease their way into the series and perhaps win in an anything goes game &, now wont surprise me if some one gets SWEPT! like with MJ, u dont wanna give LJ such buletin board material. his intent may have been different but he made it possible to b interpreted this way. should have taken the Doc approach an called LJ and the heat perhaps the best of all-times, best u ever saw, bla bala. better to weaken them with flowes and force them to use their own energy source then to give them super fuel! Grizz-Heat coming up!

    No it did not come out of his mouth.  This was a perfect example of reporters creating news by misquoting and taking a statement fully out of context and delivering it to Lebron James. 
    I'd be interested to know who put the question to Lebron.  There were a number of reporters and video cameras on at the time of the question.  The rest of the news world decided to run with it which shows how lazy the media actually is. 

    Ridiculous display. 

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    Re: VOGEL

    The truth hurts the Heat's ears I guess. Frankly, they are just another team. Honestly, I don't think he meant it any other way than to say they are just the next opponent we must go through to get to the Finals. Period. I like what he said. The Heat are just that: another team. Go PACERS

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    Re: VOGEL

    The Pacers can say what they want.  Bring on the Heat, bulletin board material does not matter at this point.

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    Re: VOGEL

    If the Pacers can play their game, they have a great chance of beating the Heat.