w/o Shaq, nothing is easy. w/o Rondo, it is all mess

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    Re: w/o Shaq, nothing is easy. w/o Rondo, it is all mess

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    Still undefeated without Rondo. Although Rivers is doing everything he can to make us lose. Ray Allen should never be running the offense. We should use Robinson, Daniels, Pierce, or Bradley to run the offense. Ray should be the end of the play, not the beginning. And that lineup we had at the beginning of the fourth quarter was something to behold.
    Posted by Kirk6

    Bradley is extrement inept at running the offense at this point in his career.  Tommy talks highly of this kid, but I really don't see him developing into a good point guard.  When Rondo and Delonte West came into the league, their PG skills were way ahead of Bradley's at this point.

    Robinson and Daniels are below average point guards.  When then running the point, we will probably be a 500 team.  Paul Pierce is the only other guy (other than Rondo) on the Celtics that sees the floor well to be able to set people up properly.

    So I dont disagree with Doc's decisions.  He gave Robinson the shot, Robinson couldn't do it.  He tried Bradley and Bradley was just GOD AWFUL!  He tried Daniels and he couldn't do it.  Paul Pierce can't do it for long because even though he sees the floor well, he can't protect the ball like a PG.  Same thing with Ray.  He can see the floor better than Robinson or Daniels, but again he isnt the best dribbler and cant protect the ball.

    Without Rondo or Delonte we are in trouble.  This streak is about to end.
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    Re: w/o Shaq, nothing is easy. w/o Rondo, it is all mess

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    The Celts have enough talent/depth that maybe no one player out of the lineup  will keep them from winning games. If I took a guess, KG would hurt the most followed by PP.. if either one was out for an extended period. I dont think many C fans really hate Rondo..they are just pointing out his shortcomings that are obvious. Shooting, FT's, carelessness sometimes, sometimes too concerned with assist stats and a certain poutiness (is that a word?) My wife can make a lot longer list about my shortcomings... believe me, Ive heard her do so many times.. but that doesnt mean she hates me.  What Rondo does provide better than any other player in the NBA is more layups & open looks for his teammates. Assists are nice but if Ray is red hot from the 3 line and hits 7 in a row...well most anyone passing him the ball will rack up good assists. What Rondo does is get us EASY BUCKETS..and thats an extremely important part of his game he needs to be credited with. I criticize Rondo on this forum plenty but I also realize a big part of the Celtics high FG% this year is due to Rondo getting his teammates dunks, layup & open looks with passes in just the right spot so they can shoot in rithym.
    Posted by Karllost

    Thats exactly right.  Rondo has flaws, but if you look at him as a PG overall, no one runs their team better than Rondo.  We have an ageing roster of good player who can compete maybe 20 minutes a game (no more).  If asked to compete at a high level for longer, their level of play deteriorates.  Case in point, game 7 of last year's championship where in the 4th quarter our aged stars did not have it in them anymore.

    Rondo is the perfect point guard to be playing with them because he gets them VERY EASY looks.  What a lot of Rondo naysayers don't realize is the Rondo also puts a lot of pressure on the opposing defenses by always looks for the best offensive matchups for our team.  He makes them rotate, he makes them hustle and continually pushes them to defend our shooters.  I have not seen any other PG in the league push defenses the way Rondo pushes them.  A lot of naysayers talk about Rondo's guy sagging off of him and how that hurts us.  I think the opposite.  Even though one of the guy sags off of Rondo, I believe opposing teams end up expending a lot more energy on defense when Rondo is running our point.  And in the end it actually helps us.

    Statistics speak volume to support this.  The celtics are shooting 52% with Rondo running our offense.  That is significantly higher than any other team in the league.  And when you see our offense, it is very easy to see that on most nights our players get very easy looks.

    People talk about Ray getting hot and Rondo taking advantage of that by dishing it to him for easy assists.  In my mind it is the opposite.  At this age of Ray's life, if Rondo wasn't Ray's PG I can assure you Ray would experience much fewer hot streaks.  Rondo has the knack for running the floor in a way that he gets a lot of our shooters open at their sweet spots.