Way too stubborn

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    Way too stubborn

    I'm going to keep watching, and hoping we get at least one more go in the Garden. It may not be realistic, but I want to enjoy this group one last time in front of the home crowd. This was almost a tougher loss for me than game 7, because I have no respect whatsoever for the group we are going against. Pierce has been there for me for my entire life as a fan of Basketball, and Ray and KG have given us incredible moments in their time here.

    This game went about as poorly as it could with rondo being seriously hobbled, but in the end we couldn't execute. No excuses, we didnt make plays or shots.
     Let's hope our guys can make this a painful series for the heat to close out.
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    Re: Way too stubborn

    Agreed.  Losing to the Lakers was much easier than watching us go down to these punks...