The problem is that we are asking bench players to be starters. All of the following are average, Terry, Bass, Lee and even Green. They'd be a good 6-7th men on the Heat, Thunder etc. As much as my wounds have been mended with the Lakers also failing, they will come around & be competitive for the same reason they have the past few years. With Howard(used to be Bynum) and Gasol they win rebound battles and are usually +10. Except for Kobe, the rest of their team is mediocre but even average players will score with extra chances & Howard & Gasol have a post presence we don't except for KG. We've got 2 supers stars, KG & PP, but they are past their prime.  Give Rondo a big man to whom to pass under the basket. I would do everything to get Love & that means getting rid of Terry, Bass, Lee and even Green. A. Bradley's return will help & what happened to Barbosa !!!

Another sport I know but I can't look forward to the Red Sox as they have done the same as the Celtics, picked up a lot of average players & it will be a challenge to be a 500 team !

Go Patriots !!!