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We are bigger (Part 2)

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    We are bigger (Part 2)

    The point i'm trying to make people, is that the bigger the players on the floor, the less driving lanes available.  What is the hardest thing in basketball to defend??????? (Dribble Penetration) & that's at any level of basketball.  Middle school to the League.  The better the penetration the better looks and the more likely someone is getting a easy bucket. So it's a lot harder for someone to get by a 6 foot 9 (240lbs) man opposed to any wing player that you want to say we let go of. Look at all the good teams at any level from HS up.  What do the all have "LENGTH."  College Coaches and NBA Coaches want bigger players.  Their are only so many Tyus Edney's or Spud Webb's.  The bigger the better.  (And we are not talking fat, we are talking Length and Muscle.)  As you can tell when Boston player's do get beat off the dribble they are a great help side defense team.  But if you can contain your man one on one(talking defense) then there's less chance for a defensive breakdown. Lastly,  Boston is Freakin GREAT at 2 thing's on the Defense end in my opinion. Rotation's and Help Side defense.  They have numerous players that can defend more then one position (Garnett, Pierce, Green, and sometimes Baby) can defend (1 thru 4) Garnett (1 thru 5) when they are in there half court rotational defense.  Reason I say that is because there help side is exceptional. I am not all saying they can defend those positions for 48 mins.  I'm talking when they are in there "we need a freakin stop" Defensive mode.  Anyone that has played hoops and UNDERSTANDS the game can clearly see my point.   God Bless.
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    Re: We are bigger (Part 2)

    Good post! Krstic has the ability to take a C out the lane and hit jumpers from 15 ft...Perk couldn't do that. It opens the lane for Rondo. So now you have Krstic and KG that can both post and hit jumpers. When Doc wants muscle he can go to Shaq and BBD and get points in the paint.

    I think the player that can bring everything together is a guy like Murphy because then you would have 3 guys that can go from PF to C with no problem and that's BBD, Murphy, KG. So you would really have 5 Centers and 3 PFs filled from just 5 guys. LOL! NO ONE IN THE LEAGUE CAN DO THAT.

    I love the way this team is taking shape. Less liabilities and more flexibility.