I am not sure about all of you guys but Rondo looks like he is shooting FT's better. A much soft shot, his jump shot even is softer to the rim. Brandon Bass is very good. All of this Baby shots getting blocked are now thunderous dunks. Very happy with the BB pick up.

Pierce did not even play and we clearly outplyed them in the game. That foul on Melo was just one of Crawford's littany of ridiculous calls. Seriously Crawford needs to be arrested he is so bad. The mob got to him.

Our Defense looks solid and with Pierce on Melo in the 4th maybe a couple of those shots do not fall. 

Pavlovic is no bueno. He probably needs to be shipped, along with Bradley. I am calling that after game 1. Not backing down here, I think they do not have what it takes.

I am excited to see the rookies because I think they are legit, but our team is deeper than people give us credit for. If Rondo can keep this up and Brandon Bass can rebound and score, the additions of Wilcox and Dooling just have to be servicable. I like it. I like it alot. 

Let's Go Celtics. Win tonight.