I needed someone to give voice to my displeasure with Dwade last night and there was nothing but crickets!

NBA you gotta change this! You are loosing the fans that listen to their announcers all year and then have to listen to guys that are "Neutral" during the most emotional part of the season.

Stupid from a purely business perspective. Idiots!

Noone could have said on the air the things I said to DWade anyway.

He's on my all-time Celtics villains list. Right up their with Kobe. And I hate Kobe.
Respect his ability, hate his style.

I needed to hear Tommy go ballistic, I would have felt just a little bit better.

I used to like DWade, so this is a monumental reversal for me.

I would have to hold myself back from punching him in the grill if I came face to face with him.

I'm serious!