The C's have 5 players under contract for next year. Two of those are the Purdue guys. Rondo, Bradley and pierce being the others. Say we bring back KG, Green, Bass and Wilcox and i hope we are able to bring them all back, and believe they deserve to be back. Let's also say we sign Mcgee,or Hibbert, or Asik, with our draft picks, that makes 12 players already. A starting line up of Rondo, Bradley, Pierce, Kg and one of the above centers, i don't know about you but i don't see much scoring on that starting 5, and no explosive scorer in Green, Bass, Or Wilcox. So where does Danny go from here? Does he try to get Ray to come back, does he go after someone like Mayo or Crawford, can we make a trade that lands us a Josh Smith, will Danny draft someone who can play right away, and will Doc play him? I would like to hear what you guys would do and what you think Danny will do!!