Both are very good young players and I'm not saying I'll be bummed if we sign Green but Ilyasova is a slightly better player now and has more room to improve than Green does. The stats are similar using their best year each
 Green 15 pts 6 rbs 45% fg 74% FT 33% 3pt 1.6 asst 1.7 TO  37 minutes
Ilyasova 13 pts 8.8 rbs 1.2 assts 49.2 fg% 45.5 3 pt % 78% ft 1.3 TO 27 minutes

I look at these stats and see that Ilyasova is more productive in the time they are each on the floor. The knock on Green is that he sometimes dissapears,every description written about Ilyasova has the words hardnosed and gritty in it he not a soft Euro player.
I know I'm not a GM but the Bucks are offering him about the same as we're offering Green so if can be done I think Ilyasova is the better value.
 What do you think?