AMAZING, DURANT CANT B LONG FOR OKC. finally showed how the offense should roll, here comes the chucker westbrook in the mode of anthony... if smart, he'll hook up with lebron in 2 years.. those guys will b great together. rr is getting better everywhere except in his explosion off the ground.. how can he not even find a ball by accident off a miss? jeez! gues i rather have green being aggressive lookin for his shot then passing it off for dimes. nets gettin blowed out by 44 to me is the real story. guys havent played since sunday, well-rested with everyone available and just got ray-riced if u will.. totally pim-p slapped off the court!

o yep, and golden state along with phoenix got blitzed by jabbies as well! btw, can see celts and okc talking about a PG trade next year. prob with westy is the DEDFENSE.. then again, tells u a lot about perky's presence. he's out for 6 weeks and everything changes! they havent won a game without perk all year. think about that. as with the celts, they dont win w/o the perkster!