In response to rameakap's comment:

I would say that the jury is still out on the C's yes, and Miami is absolutely happy with their new addition, but for them to 'expect' even 80% of this Ray allen all season is wild fantasy... they need to hold back his mins, pray he is healthy come May, and even then its not like they didn't get 3 insane shooting games from Mike Miller to close out series last year (14-20) and good 3 point shooting from thier bench.. Ray doesn't make them that much better than what they had.

Hmmn.  You may be overexaggarating here about Ray and his health and understating how much he improves the Heat.

As for Boston there is little question it will get better here. This team played GREAT with Avery in the starting lineup late last season... he will be back there by mid-Dec and back to his old self a few weeks later.

I'm pulling for Avery, I was thrilled to see him come into his own, in fact I could hardly believe what my eyes were seeing. I'm worried that he may be much more injury prone than Ray with creaky shoulders that limit his career.  I hope not.

Once that happens, the expectations on Lee and Terry are reduced... you want them to just shoot their career #'s and solidify the bench. What is to be expected is that they will improve upon the bench we had last year. when Avery began his hot streak it was a month before Ray was hurt but he really took off as a starter. During that time Sasha and Moore were the backup SG's. Then Ray came back in the playoffs and shot 41/27/67 in 30 mins and gave us 10 pts.

It is safe to say that a Bradley/Lee duo, w a lil Terry thrown in, is going to be superior this year to the Bradley, Sasha, hurt Ray w/ a lil Dooling thrown in SG group of a year ago... that managed ton be on fire late in the season and win 2 playoff series.


Playing around with the format a bit here.


"Terry will prove to be better than Dooling"

Man, you are the master of understatement.  Terry should be a candidate for 6ht man award, and Doling was never that.  Terry was supposed to make a major difference this year along with Jeff Green in providing scoring off the bench. These guys were supposed to be the cure for the scoring draughts we've been going through.

"My expectations for Green were 26 mins and 11-13 points and to be better than Pietrus.. I still except that."

Finally, something we absolutely agree on, 100%.

Bass looks better than a year ago and Sully is def better than playing Pietrus at PF or Ryan Hollins.

You and I and the resident pundits of Celtic Nation agee on this too:  Bass has been the steadest, in the sense of playing his game and carrying his consistancy over from last season, of anyone on the team.  I hope Doc fooling around with the starting lineup doesn't affect Bass in a negative way. 

Wilcox and Darko have a long way to go to prove to be better than Steimsma, but probably will in the end. This team needs a serious frontcourt addition to really contend, but has the parts to get it done.

I thought Wilcox was really on a roll early last season before he got hurt with an ankle/foot(?) and then went out for the heart issue.  He was looking real good running the floor and getting some O boards for put backs.  He was banging. He'll be back, like Jeff we understimate the time it will take for these two to get it together.