Were not attacking Felton

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    Were not attacking Felton

    I dont know if anyone touched on this yet but from my point of view, I think Felton is getting a pass on defense.  That is him having to play defense.  Our guards are not attacking the rim like he is.  So all his energy is spent driving to the basket for layups or dishing off the ball.  Felton has commited 7 fouls in 4 games.  Is that good because of the good D hes playing or that he has no one to really guard.  We need to attack him.  Ive seen T-Will attack the rim, so has Crawford, but Im yet to see Bradley attack.  Infact if Bradley isnt stopping Felton (19 ppg), or hitting the corner 3, why is he in the game? 

      Doc should exhume courtney lee from under his dog house and give him a try at Felton, his job would be to slow him down, hit the corner 3 and attack the rim.  Bradely has failed at all of these. Bring in bradley off the bench for a defensive spark.  We cant afford another 1 for 7 from our point guard, especially when the opposing guard is 10 for 20.

    Are you guys seeing the same thing or is all this South Florida sunshine affecting my thought process.

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