Don’t know if because we won 3 in a row and felt it should have been 4 after game 2 that we waltzed into the garden & thought the Heat would fold. Let’s hope they are a bit overconfident on their home turf in this last game.

A wounded animal is a dangerous one & LeBron, with so many negative articles about being non clutch, his pride was wounded. Like him or hate him, he and Durant are the 2 best players and I think other than Celtic fans and LeBron haters , the basketball world wants a matchup between Heat & OKC. I am not infering a conspiracy theory involving Sterns etc. but at least in Game 6 we can’t say there were egregious fouls against us etc. I can’t name one of our players who has been consistently good in the playoffs…probably the 2 best have been KG & Rondo and yup I know that PP & Ray have been playing hurt.  But Pietrus & Bass have been on & off. When LeBron has an average game he only scores 30 pts! I don’t care if PP fouls out…he’s got to put better “D” on LeBron & maybe he needs be double teamed. I admit his shots were incredible and some would say “lucky” perhaps but good players seem to be lucky.  Heck, we won twice with PP fouling out so might need someone else in a close game to hit a 3 if needed, Ray, KG, Pietrus etc.  On a positive note, we just can’t play any worse than we did in Game 6 !!!

Sure miss A. Bradley & his energy, youth & quickness & good "D" but at 6'2" doubt if he could have disrupted LeBron at 6'8" but like a gnat he might have annoyed his concentration...dunno ???