What if ...

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    What if ...

    Stern sits over the shoulders of Danny and Clippers GM during this trade to ensure there is nothing to specify a side deal where Celtics release coach Doc Rivers so that he may be hired by the Clippers.


    Therefore, the deal is Kevin Garnett for DeAndre Jordan and two first round picks. After the trade is made, Danny renigs on letting Doc go (or is somehow blocked by Stern), forcing him to retire or continue with the Celtics. What if, not being coached by Doc in Clipperland causes KG to decide to retire. This probably would be after July 1.


    If above happens, this means:

    A. Celtics get 2 future first round picks and DeAndre Jordan for a retiring player and a retiring coach ... and get to hire a coach that can develop raw talent.

    B. Clippers get to pay KG his salary as he declaired his retirement after the July 1 deadline (I may be wrong about this), lose two picks for nothing.

    C. Doc gets to take time off for a few years or could continue coaching the Celtics.


    Danny, you sly devil!

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    Re: What if ...

    Stern agreed on the show that NBA rules prevent trades with “contingencies or side deals attached.” “I would say that if we know that what the parties really wanted to do is one and they’re going to break into two for purposes of trying to avoid the restrictions that the collective bargaining agreement places on it -- we know how to deal with that as well,” Stern said on the showLos Angeles Times