Doc has a chance to change things up:

1 Rondo/Moore/Dooling
2 Bradley/Allen/Pietrus
3 Green/Pierce/JJJ/Joseph
4 Garnett/Bass/Sullinger
5 Camby/Wilcox/Hollins/Melo

+likely $$ left for additional pieces

That 1,2,3 IS the beginning of our long term team. That group needs to get comfortable starting together. Pierce is still our captain, our clutch, and even the back that can carry us. Ray, most importantly stays, and gets vindicated with Pauls presence joining him off the bench. They can play together like second nature and would even out our scoring potential for the entire 48 minutes. Camby and KG would be a force, but Doc could toss in the younger Bass and Wilcox for athleticism and speed.