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What is Ainge Doing?

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    Re: What is Ainge Doing?

    you do know that Garnett has a no trade clause, right?

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    Re: What is Ainge Doing?

    Sadly Rusty, I have to agree with you. I hope I am wrong, but I think this is going to set us back big time in the future, unless Ainge can pull off a miracle in the next offseason or two. Right now, I have a tough time seeing us as anything better than a 2nd round exit. Even if we didn't get the greatest return (because how much are you going to get for aging vets, even if they are KG and PP), some young pieces would have been a start. Of course, KG did have a no-trade clause, so that is an understandable obstacle.

    Again, I pray I am wrong...but this is just how I see it.

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    Re: What is Ainge Doing?

    In response to ClarkGriswold's comment:

    Admittedly, I'me a casual Celts and very casual NBA fan, but by not getting a return on chips like Garnett and Pierce sort of means he thinks whoever they put on the court next year, can help those guys make a run at a title.

    I am not buying it. That seems incredibly unlikely. Barring them landing some legit big, one more year of age on Garnett and Pierce is going to be a factor next year at this point. They have ZERO interior presence. When shooting, all the bigger players are all around the perimeter and Brandon Bass shouldn't be a starter on a contending team. Throw in the fact he makes it seem like he's trying not to get a rebound and they have just no interior presence. How does Collins keep a job in the NBA?  The guy looks like my aunt looking to get a rebound.

    Rondo is the obvious chip to get that big, but it's probably not going to happen unless Rondo comes back, shows he's healthy next year, and that's not until mid season.

    Who knew finding a Center with a set of skills could be this hard? People overrated Kendrick Perkins so badly here, but it's obvious now why they did.  Where have you gone Robert Parish?

    Looks like Ainge is ready to go down with a sinking ship for another decade.   Stinks to admit, but the loyalty element to Garnett and Pierce will send them into that decade long futility they had here in the 1990s and into the 2000s.  

    It's not like they're going to take the 2013/2014 season either.

    I agree with you wholeheartedly !!!

    Please read the Discussion entitled:
    Would love to have been a Fly on the Wall...DA trade talks with the Clippers ???

    3 Comments by some knowledgeable posters enlightened me on possibly why KG and PP were not traded to LAC. Seems KG wanted to stay here...why...Dunno ???

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    Re: What is Ainge Doing?

    In response to N2thaIzzo's comment:

    you do know that Garnett has a no trade clause, right?

    I don't think they do.