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What is the injury status?

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    What is the injury status?

    Rondo: hammies
    Delonte:  broken wrist
    Semih:  shoulder weakness that can result in dislocations
    Shaq:  I dont know, old guy
    Jermaine:  knees

    Am I understanding this?  Which are serious lingering issues?
    Who can make a contribution?

    Anybody I missed?  Glen Davis doesn't seem to have missed a beat with his stomach bug.

    I dont think anyone needs to worry about Pierce, Garnett and Ray Ray.
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    Re: What is the injury status?

    Aside from Kendrick, that is all I know of.  I think Shaq is having problems with his rt leg or thigh.  Not sure. 

    I am thinking that Kendrick and Delonte are the only ones serious.  I have heard that Delonte may be back by January (which would be nice). 

    Kendrick should be back by end of February, hopefully.

    Unk. on JO.  I am thinking after allstar break.

    Shaq should be back by next game or following one.

    Rondo is off and on.  If he starts to hurt then doc will sit him.

    All in all with the injuries that we have had, I am amazed that we have the record we have. 

    I think a lot of it has to do with KG going off!!!  Plus Allen and Pierce being healthy (knock on wood)