What it means to "blow it up"

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    What it means to "blow it up"

    If you're trading Rondo, you're blowing it up. If you're going to blow it up, BLOW IT UP!


    Trade 1:

    PHO: Bradley & Humphries

    BOS: Okafor, 2014 Suns pick


    Trade 2:

    TOR: Rajon Rondo

    BOS: Terrence Ross, John Salmons, 2014 1st (unprotected), 2016 1st (unprotected)


    Trade 3:

    CHA: Jeff Green, Brandon Bass
    BOS: Ben Gordon, 2014 Pistons 1st


    "It’s no secret Boston has dangled four-time all-star Rajon Rondo league-wide and while the asking price is steep, he has piqued the interest of Toronto’s front office, according to multiple sources. Toronto is eager to up its “star” quotient and is also enamoured with Rondo’s resume, particularly his four all-defensive team selections (two all-NBA first team). He has many backers in the organization. Toronto Sun - See more at: http://hoopshype.com/rumors.htm#sthash.bl6n7FP9.dpuf"


    tank, tank, tank the rest of the season. Start fresh next year with:

    PG: (Pistons 1st), Pressey

    SG: Terrance Ross, (Suns 1st)

    SF: (Celtics 1st), (Toronto 1st)

    PF: Kelly Olynyk

    C: Jared Sullinger, (Hawks 1st), Favarani, Iverson


    Free Agents: ~30M in cap space

    Bench: Salmons (exp.), Fields (exp.), Anthony (exp.), Wallace

    2015 picks: Celtics, Clippers

    2016 picks: Celtics, Nets, Toronto

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    Re: What it means to

    If we fill in the blanks using http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1956771-2014-nba-mock-draft-projecting-entire-first-round-pre-trade-deadline/page/8

    PG: Smart, Pressey

    SG: Terrance Ross, Nik Stauskas

    SF: Rodney Hood, Jerami Grant

    PF: Kelly Olynyk, Aaron Gordon

    C: Jared Sullinger, Favarani, Iverson


    worst case. best case is Celtics drop 80% remaining games and get Jabari

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    Re: What it means to

    Awesome stuff if a full blow up is what is needed. I like your thinking!

    My opinions, first on the guys to keep and build around:

    Sully - Is a PF not a C and b/c of his back/weight concerns should (for the next year or two) be averaging only 32-34 minutes a game. Even so, if he drops 20lbs of fat, adds 10lbs of muscle and continues to strengthen the back and work HARD on his game, he will be an 18/11 in those mins starting next seaosn.

    Olynyk - Is an intriguing talent who I don't see having enough upside or defense (hence much +/- advantage) to pencil in as a full-time starter unless 4 other starters are better, but he is 7', smart, can shoot and if used correctly in matchup based situations will transform into a guy who destroys other teams bench players at the 4 or 5 apart. He's your ideal 6th man, 22-24 mins a game of 13-16 point/5-6 rebound short burst who everyone says "why doesn't this guy play more?" but if turned into your 3rd option 34 minute starter will lose the +/- battles night in and night out. Like Jeff Green did in OKC.

    Favarani - Good internationally tested/smart sound big to plant picks and be the Rick MaHorn/Perkins enforcer if need be. 8 mins a game is ideally all he should get.

    Pressey - Fav at PG, fundamentally sound 4 years of college pass first protect the ball smart PG who ideally is your 5th guard pressed into emergency duty or given 8 mins a game.

    Avery - Only trade him if his price tag is 8 million plus, otherwise, he is a 23-24 year old three and D 7th man who you can afford to pay 7 million b/c you have so many rookies starting and on the team. He is Posey/Bowen at SG... 20-24 minutes, keeps improving his shot, depending on more to lockdown an Irving/Wade/Stephenson/Wall than to score and have the role he has had this year.

    I don't trade Avery if we blow this team up b/c he is in the age range of everyone we want to be drafting and building around is will only cost 85% of what a DeRozen costs or 65% of what a Hayward costs or 50% of an Eric Gordon.

    Those are the guys I keep 

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    Re: What it means to

    Also, if Ainge is dumping Rondo and/or adding so many picks he needs to be able to dump Wallace's toxic contract. NO blow up rebuild is allowed to have 10m of Wallace on the 2015-2016 cap.

    So if you were keeping track during my 'short story' you would see this team has these minutes avaialble:

    C - 32

    SF - 48

    SG - 26-28

    PG - 40

    Here are my tweaks to blow it up in just two trades:

    TRADE #1

    Charlotte - Humphries, Jeff Green and two future 2nd rd picks

    Boston - Greg Monroe, Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva's expiring contracts

    Detroit - Brandon Bass, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, the Blazer's '14 1st rd pick (via Charlotte)

    Green and Humphries (esp if he resigns) are worth a lot to the Bobcats, a desperate small market team needing proven veterans who are under 30 and still in their prime to possibly get them to the 2nd round of the playoffs. Nobody likes playing them now with Big Al dropping 25/11 routinely with no help and Kemba/Henderson combining for 35 points and 10 dimes a night. If you get the 11-11 Hump back in 30 mins instead of the 8/5 McRoberts and 17/6 Jeff Green in 35 mins over 8/5 MKG in 25 mins... they become a real fun team that will scare some people.

    The Sessions, Douglas-Roberts, Jeff Taylor-Biyombo-Zeller bench is solid. Unfortunate that it has two guys who are probably busts as top 10 picks in there, but they are GOOD backups.

    Detroit can move Smith to his more natural PF spot for 2/3 of his minutes, Bass is a great bench backup on a contender, MKG is their new more traditional SF needing a fresh start and is in the same age range as Drummond and Caldewell-Pope while not costing what Monroe will the next 3 years. The pick is icing for them.

    Boston swaps expiring contracts and gets the perfect young big to pair with Sully. They will hope to get Monroe for 5/60 but will match even the max another team can go (4/58 Hibbert contract) if need be.

    TRADE #2

    Boston - Terrence Ross, Raptor's unprotected 2014 pick, the right to swap either of our two picks in 2015 for the Raptor's pick (no protection) and Toronto's 2016 pick ( top 3 protected), Chuck Hayes, Landry Fields and C.J. Watson

    Indiana - Kyle Lowry and Gerald Wallace

    Toronto - Rajon Rondo, Danny Granger and the Pacers 2014 2nd rd pick

    Indiana, desperate to unseat Miami, will take on Wallace's contract in exchange for Lowry. Lowry can be eased into the role of starting PG over the next 8-12 games before taking over from George Hill for the last 14-18. He is an upgrade to Hill as a starter and Hill an upgrade to Watson as a backup for sure and both guys are such high character players it shouldn't be an issue. They can even play together in the backcourt. Ditto for Wallace, whose PER is almost the same as Granger's and gives them slightly better defense and a good chemistry guy who will readily accept his bench role behind George, defend LeBron and can even play some mins alongside George.

    Toronto gets Rondo at a HIGH price. But they shed the Fields/Hayes contracts for Granger's expiring. Granger would also be an enticing player for them to consider at 6-7m a year contract like the ones Fields and Salmons were given to join Rondo as a known quantity veteran. He should bounce back from that injury more year 2.

    Boston gets the Raptor's pick in the 17-21 range this year, likely a better pick in '15 than the Clippers, another 1st, the cap space being rid of Wallace, a solid high characters vets in Hayes/Watson to mentor Sully/Pressey/Bradley and an explosive SF in Ross to help with the loss of Green.

     BAM! rebuild in place.



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    Re: What it means to

    After those two trades the Celtics tank like heck and hope to land top 3.

    If it is Embiid then you try and sign and trade Monroe and if you cannot you still give him a solid contract and let Emiid grow behind him for 1-2 years before trading Monroe (or maybe Embiid is nothing great and fits alongside him)

    If it is Parker/Wiggins you have the SF of the future who split time with Ross in '15 before Ross becomes a trade chip down the road.

    If it is pick 6-9 there are numerous SF's, maybe some who need 2-3 years to develop and can grow splitting mins with Ross or a couple of PG's, Smart who Ainge loves is a comb-guard and Harris who Fiercy loves is a pure SG. Too many options to get into.

    With the Hawks/Nets pick there are like 5 more PG's projected in the 12-24 range and 1-2 will definitely be there.

    This summer the Celtics have 9 million wrapped up in QO's for Monroe and Bradley. The picks will cost 5 million. Sully and Olynyk 4 million. Fields and Hayes 12 million. Watson and Joel Anthony 6 million. Favarani, Pressey and Johnson 4 million and Terrence Ross 3 million.

    That is 43 million. So enough to mess around with an offer a max deal to somebody, try and make a crazy trade, go after another restricted free agent like Hayward or Eric Bledsoe, etc.

    If they just end up giving Monroe and Avery fair deals. Like 5/35 for Avery and 5/60 for Monroe (my suggestions all season) they will be 6-8 million under the cap and not likely to do much, keep Bayless. Trade Watson/Anthony and a future pick for a PG?

    So here is your rebuilt team:

    C - Monroe, Favarani, Anthony

    PF - Sullinger, Olynyk, Hayes

    SF - Parker/Wiggins (hopfully), Ross, Johnson

    SG - Bradley, Bayless, Fields

    PG - 1st rd pick, Watson, Pressey

    The team is pretty thin at guard, but with all those picks remaining in the next few years don't have to worry much about it. They are in a perfect position to lure a max free agent summer 2015 if they want to with Fields, Hayes, Johnson and Watson being 18 million coming off the books and another top 10 pick on it's way in.

    The 2015 draft will be full of bigs. The possibilities are endless and VERY bright:-)