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whatever happened to Sean Williams?

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    whatever happened to Sean Williams?

    Does anyone remember this guy?  He played for BC but was kicked off the team for numerous reasons and played 3 years for Jersey.  In college, he looked like he had the potential to be a star--athletic, could block any shot, great defense...but his personal life was a wreck...He was drafted the year Brewer and Green went and the recent activity with them reminded me of him...I also remember him having a few decent games in the pros.

    Just wondering if anyone knows if he is still playing (no stats on ESPN).

    I remember posting right before 2007 draft that I hoped the Celtics would get Brewer and Williams that year (Before they made big moves, obviously)--Funny how things looked before the draft that year...remember the Oden fever?  Imagine if we got the 1st or 2nd pick?  Imagine if we had Durant?  Crazy times those were...

    Quite a shame if he blew what seemed a legit chance to be a serviceable NBA player because of immaturity/bad life decisions....
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    Re: whatever happened to Sean Williams?

    He was waived last year by the Nets. He was playing overseas last I heard trying to get his life back togather.