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What's with the "It's just about making shots" excuse?

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    What's with the "It's just about making shots" excuse?

    This, to me, is more than a bit delusional.

    Yeah, a high enough shooting percentage can of course make up for turnovers, bad foul shooting, getting pounded on the offensive glass, and horrible defense... once in awhile.  Heck, if you shot 85% you might never lose a game.

    But if Pierce has it somewhere in his head that this team is really a 50-55 FG% team, and he and the rest can scrub away with made shots their turnovers, bad rebounding, bad transition, and general lackadaisical boneheadedness, he's at best delusional and at worst not manning up. 

    The reality check is here. I think Doc and the gang should change a losing game and figure new ways to win games. The old way isn't working.

    In Darwinian terms, the strong eat the weak, but the smart eat the strong.

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    Re: What's with the

    We've been going through amzing scoring droughts for years -- we just can't get away with them anymore.  I believe in good defense.  But some halfway consistent offense wouldn't hurt.

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