Without RR it will be more apparent that everyone else seems to have 3  point consistent shooter except us, I thought we were supposed to get some?

 How many imes have I heard TH say the C's need to go to the basket and quard the paint and the very few times we do it works, why aren't the C's doing just what he says instead of relying on 3's and jump shots.


I predict the"team" will do okay with RR IF Lee, Terry Green and Barbosa can finally live up to the reasons they all were brought to the C's otherwise it is over.


Last but nor least I think for home games they need to gradually let Melo get his feet wet, he and JS could work out to be some pair!


PP and KG have lots of heart but they are clearly a step slower and not as sharp as last year so they are going to need "other members" of the team to earn their money.