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Where I bust Bill Simmons re:Jordan/Giddens

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    Where I bust Bill Simmons re:Jordan/Giddens

    I wanted Jordan or Chalmers, either one of which would have put us over the top in 2009. But I remembered Simmons writing that Jordan had about a 1% or 5% chance of being an nba player, in snarky Simmons style. I didn't find that quote, but here's his draft diary. What a phony.

    7:13: With the 28th pick acquired from Los Angeles, Memphis takes Donte Greene, followed by Bilas saying, "He's got a lot of tools, he just needs to find the key to the toolbox." The Pau Gasol trade just gets better and better, doesn't it?

    By the way, I'm torn on DeAndre Jordan for the Celtics at No. 30 -- a lottery talent with no heart at all, but someone who might be redeemed by going to Kevin Garnett College and getting a double major in woofing and chest-pounding. He's like the gift nobody wants to end up with in a $25 Yankee Christmas swap: A potential keeper until you realize you also have to pay for $20 worth of batteries to make the gift work, so you're better off just passing it to someone else. Did that even make sense? I feel like that made sense. I need to wrap this up soon.

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    Re: Where I bust Bill Simmons re:Jordan/Giddens

    Here's another oldie I stumbled upon. Those in glass houses...

    One more thing: Years from now, we will remember "Yao Ming over Jay Williams" the same way we remember "Bowie over Jordan," "Traylor for Nowitzki," "Carroll for McHale and Parish," "Aguirre over Thomas" and every other great draft day blunder in NBA history. I'm not just predicting it, I'm guaranteeing it. Think about it. At best, Ming develops into a bigger, more athletic Rik Smits. Fine. But then you throw in Yao's adjustment problems (going from China to the United States -- yikes), his laid-back demeanor (what happens when NBA players start pushing him around, elbowing him and intimidating him?), his inability to play in the low post, and the way he'll struggle fitting in with his teammates, as well as lofty expectations, inevitable problems adjusting to a higher level of competition, the fact that NBA players will go out of their way to dunk on him (just like they did with Shawn Bradley -- and they ruined his confidence, too), the isolation of playing here, the meddling Chinese government ... I mean, did Smits have to deal with any of those things? Can't you picture Shaq rubbing his hands together and saying, "I'm going to dunk on that Chinese guy as much as humanly possible next season"? This is a disaster waiting to happen. Repeat: This is a disaster waiting to happen. I feel very strongly about this. Just wanted to get that heard before the jury.