Where is Sullinger?

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    Where is Sullinger?

    Sully gradually earned his spot on the team...and from mid-November to December he was playing 20+ minutes per game, averaging 10 PPG and 6 RPG.

    Since December 1, he has played far less, averaging only 3 points.

    Seems like his decline in minutes coincides with a decline in Celtic performance.

    Is Doc just being Doc and mismanaging his confidence and potential and the team as a whole?

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    Re: Where is Sullinger?

    resigning bass was not a good move in general.  They need a guy who can play down low and board not a guy shooting jumpers.

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    Re: Where is Sullinger?

    Like Sully a lot however the one thing he need to get beter on is hitting the 12 to 15 ft jumper. His lack of offence is the main reason he gets so little minutes.

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    Re: Where is Sullinger?

    Sully is on such a short leash its suffocating him. He feels like if he fouls someone or misses a shot hes gonna get yanked , and hes right to think that, cuz most of the time he does. If doc let him play 20-24 minutes a game EVERY NIGHT, he would give u close to 10-6 every night. which is great production. I think sully's jumper has been prettty decent. But his post play has been abysmal, he is gettin a lot of his shots blocked, he needs to learn to use the rim to protect his shot against being blocked, he needs to start going up and under a lot more. Ans use his jump hook  more too.