Where's KG's Intensity?

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    Where's KG's Intensity?

    KG needs to get psyched...he's playing too much referee out there and needs to go nuts!  He needs to start swearing like a truck driver and getting on all fours and barking at his opponents!  The game is a game of spurts.....he needs to spurt us on! 

    Lakers Suck!
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    Re: Where's KG's Intensity?

    KG left his intensity at his new camp site-just inside the 3 point line. He has become such a perimeter player. He needs to get in and around the paint. That is were he needs to make a new campsite. Start taking his man to the hole. He is no threat from out deep. He is not in rebounding postion out deep. He can't serve out passes to an open Allen, Pierce or Rondo. KG needs to start taking chances down low. Post game. That will just open up so much more for all the Cs. That is where he can find his intensity-in the paint.