here is some WILD conjecture about a complete rebuild of the team (based on some rumours and other fantasy thoughts)


Pierce to the Nets for Humphries, Brooks and #1 pick (may need to add Telatovic to make dollars work)


Garnett to Clippers for Bledsoe and D. Jordan


Rondo, Bass and Telatovic to the Jazz for Jefferson and R. Bell


new roster:

D. JOrdan

C. Wilcox-UFA Next year

J. Collins- UFA next year

F. Melo

A. Jefferson- UFA next year

K. Humphries

J. Sullinger

J. Green

T. Williams-???

M. Brooks

A. Bradley- RFA next year

E. Bledsoe

J. Terry

C. Lee

R. Bell- UFA next year


2  first round draft picks next year.

 lets say:

16. Jame McAdoo

25. Doug McDermott