Who is Devin Oliver?

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    Who is Devin Oliver?

    Dayton Forward Devin Oliver Could Be Undrafted Gem
    By Jimmy Kelley on Jun 24 2014, 5:38p 


    Devin Oliver led the team in the three different categories as they stormed to the Elite Eight in 2014, but can he translate that success into an NBA Draft selection?

    On the University of Dayton's athletic site, Devin Oliver answered the career goal section of his Personal Data section "to play in the NBA or become an ESPN broadcaster." After wrapping up his collegiate career with the Dayton Flyers this past season with a trip to the Elite Eight, it's hard to tell which one of the those goals he might be closer to.

    On the one hand, the 6-foot-6 Oliver led Dayton in minutes (29.9 per game), rebounds (7.4), and assists (2.3) while also finishing second on the team in scoring (11.2). He was efficient from the field, connecting on 48.4 percent of his shots, and showed something of an outside stroke with a 39.6 percent clip from beyond the arc.

    Name College Height Weight Minutes Points Rebounds Assists Stocks* FG% 3PT% FT%
    Devin Oliver Dayton 6-foot-6 225 lbs. 29.9 11.9 5.7 2.3 1.0 48.4 39.6 76.3
    *Stocks = Steals + Blocks. Brainchild of Bill Simmons to quantify defensive impact a player makes.

    In order to get any buzz these days, however, you need to get the requisite pre-Draft workout invitations that generate buzz from the experts. Thus far Oliver has worked out for the Boston Celtics, Utah Jazz, and Washington Wizards and also took part in an agency showcase where he showed off his ball handling skills against expected-lottery pick Gary Harris of Michigan State, but did not take part in the 3-on-3 portion of that workout in California, according to Chad Ford. (Insider)

    Besides being named Dayton's team MVP this season, Oliver earned his second Most Improved Player award and became the first Flyers player to earn both awards in the same season. This is a player who constantly put in the work to get better and led his team by example - two characteristics that NBA GMs and coaches drool over.

    But does all of that add up to an NBA player? NBADraft.net has him at the No. 90 player in the 2014 NBA Draft, ESPN's Chad Ford doesn't even have him listed, and his DraftExpress.com profile is just as sparse. The experts don't seem to have much love for the mid-major forward, but players with his makeup are few and far between.

    All of this points to Oliver not hearing his name called on Thursday night, but that doesn't mean he won't land somewhere in the league as an undrafted free agent. He has good height for the small forward position, and we've seen how valuable players that play that position have become in the NBA, particularly if they have a demonstrated ability to shoot the ball.

    Don't look to hear Oliver's name called by NBA Deputy Commissioner Mark Tatum during the second round, but once the undrafted rumors start flying over the weekend he should be a hot commodity.

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    Re: Who is Devin Oliver?

    Nice article.  Stretch Wallace and take this kid.......this is a feel good story - like Leon Powe.

    "Climb on my back, boys, and I'll take you home." - Cedric Maxwell

    "You show me a good loser, and I'll show you a loser." - Red Auerbach

    "My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought, cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives." - Hedley Lamarr

    If no Bynum injury, no Gasol trade - last word!!

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    Re: Who is Devin Oliver?

    This guy is pretty good, he killed my team Syracuse in the tourney for Dayton. He's got a nice short range jumper...plays a lot like Pierce. Slow methodical and knows the game.

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    Re: Who is Devin Oliver?

    fbombfury thinks he is Oliver Millers brother.

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    Re: Who is Devin Oliver?

    In response to kyceltic's comment:

    fbombfury thinks he is Oliver Millers brother.

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    Re: Who is Devin Oliver?

    Kalamazoo's Devin Oliver has high comfort level with Boston Celtics, who give him 'amazing' opportunity



    KALAMAZOO, MI – Devin Oliver has a lot to accomplish in the next few months, but working to his advantage is how comfortable he believes he'll be in his new workplace.

    The former Kalamazoo Central High School and University of Dayton basketball star signed as an undrafted free agent with the Boston Celtics and will join several familiar faces -- former Flyers teammate Chris Johnson, friend James Young and Celtics head coach Brad Stevens, who recruited him while he was the coach at Butler University.

    Oliver said the opportunity to earn a roster spot with the Celtics came up about 5-10 minutes after the draft concluded and he didn't need to think about any other options at that point.

    "I didn't think about the possibility of another team, because I feel it's almost what I wanted," Oliver said. "I have past experience with coach Stevens recruiting me at Butler and Chris Johnson is there and they drafted James Young, who I worked out with all summer and we got pretty close. I felt a sense of comfortability. I was excited and I'm ready to get it going."

    Oliver said he will be in Boston until Friday, when players will fly to Florida to compete in the Orlando Summer League Saturday through July 11.

    His contract is not a guaranteed one, but the 6-foot-7, 225-pound Oliver said he expects to be a bit more at ease on and off the court with familiar faces around him as he tries to earn his place.

    "A lot of people don't look that deep into it, but when you're comfortable with the guys you're around you kind of know who they are as people," he said. "I know how James and CJ play. It definitely translates to the court and you don't feel anxious because they know you. It gives you a sense of confidence going into it."

    Oliver led Kalamazoo Central High School to a Class A state championship in 2010 and then led the Dayton University Flyers on a magical run to the Elite 8 in this past NCAA tournament.

    Oliver said before the draft he would embrace any opportunity he was given to chase his dream of playing in the NBA and now that he has that chance he said he's relishing the moment.

    "It's incredible, man," he said. "It's not where I want to be all the way, but I couldn't have asked for a better start after going undrafted. It's an amazing opportunity with the Boston Celtics, arguably the most storied franchise in NBA history. It's just really cool."

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    Re: Who is Devin Oliver?

    Ya got pull for a kid like this! Go Oliver Go!!

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    Re: Who is Devin Oliver?

    Highlights - YouTube:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhpnniLMaTo" rel="nofollow">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhpnniLMaTo


    One thing is for certain - Oliver is not afraid of contact!