I think anyone with the ball in their hands with 6 seconds left on the shot clock, but other than that.


Here are the guys I want running off screens without the ball to score:


Rondo (surprises the D, he hits his floater, dumps off to a big for easy dunk)


Bradley (outstanding mid range and 3 point percentages when open)


Young (his quick outside shot is what will get him minutes)


Thornton (Savvy scorer, get him open and its lights out,creates his own shot if defense fights screen well)


Smart (same as Thornton and Rondo)


Evan Turner ( too keep him from over dribbling, plus he can do some slashing off screens)


Its a good thing our pick setters have good mid-range shots for the inevitable kick-back to keep the defense guessing.


I want everyone READY TO SHOOT THEIR SHOT if they are good and open no matter how much time is on the clock!


Coaching staff should tell them what their shot is statistically.


Emphasis on these players being ready to shoot:


Kelly Olynyk (waaaaaay to blind to being open)








Sullinger (he's got to speed that wind up....up. [Brings the ball up from his knees to shoot]. Maybe he should hold the ball over his head ready to pass or shoot like Diaw does)

Jeff Green (somedays he doesnt look at the rim)