ok, so the denver game doesnt count.  They beat the Clippers, the Jazz, the Suns, the Warriors and the Bucks.  They gonna see any of those teams in the playoffs?  Course not. 

Moving on, then they lose to the Clippers and 76ers before beating...the Bucks again, you know the game where the Bucks played night before, time zone, daylight savings...wow, impressive.

Then they lose to the Nets and beat maybe the #8 seed in the East Indiana.  Again, nothing impressive.

Then they get destroyed in Houston.  They eke out a win against the Hornets, a game in the 80's, their best win since the trade I suppose but it was not anything like a dominating performance and the Hornets let's face it are out in the 1st round. 

Then the Knick game.  Down 14 at the half they take the game in the 2nd half.  Celebration right?  Well, we see how good the Knicks are since their big trade.  They can't win a game.  So the fact that Boston beat them, now a sub-.500 team in the East, again it looked better than it was, they didn't come back and take a game from a good team, they beat the Knicks.  Ho hum.

Since then they've lost HOME games to the Grizzlies and the Bobcats.

So for everyone encouraged by the wins right after the trade, think harder.  This team is dying and it's really sad to me as a passionate Celtics fan that they didn't give that starting 5 the chance they deserved to win a frigging championship.  Now all our hope is resting on Shaq who simply cannot get on the basketball court and it's almost April.  In the process we've dropped from the #1 seed in the East and comfortably ahead of the Lakers to where we are now.