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Whom do you think would win a 7 game series with Celtics vs Lakers ?

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    Whom do you think would win a 7 game series with Celtics vs Lakers ?

    Unfortunately, I feel the Lakers would beat us even if Rondo had not gotten injured.  LA has won every game against us, I think(haven't verified this) since game 6 of finals 2 years ago. And why did they beat us---discount the egregious difference in foul shots game 7 with 41 to 18 and just 21 in the 4th Qtr when we had a 13 pt lead in the 3rd---they always won the rebound battle & the baskets that Bynum & Gasol didn't make in the post, they passed out to their mediocre shooters, except for Kobe, and the 2nd chance points were the difference.

    Lakers really looked good vs OKC tonight. Even aging Nash drove to the basket & got 17 pts & made the great passes. Gasol got 16 pts and also a few assists. So, I think that LA would beat us as Howard & Gasol as did Bynum & Gasol would dominate the paint & get 10+ rebounds per game . We'd only have a chance creating turnovers, their not hitting their foul shots & shooting 5-10% better than they.

    Obviously this is a moot topic as it's not going to happen but it's maybe a less painful way to realize that LA might be stronger than us in the coming days !!!

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    Re: Whom do you think would win a 7 game series with Celtics vs Lakers ?

    It would probably be the Lakers. I know they're struggling but the talent is there. 

    Kobe is still going to score 30, Nash is still gunna give you 10 assists with a high FG%, Gasol is still going to be 7Ft tall skill player and also probably the best passing big man in the NBA and then you throw in Howard who is still going to be a factor with his explosion and rebounding.

    They win based on size. Our 2nd tallest player (that can contribute so Collins doesn't count) Is either Bass or Green. We are extremely undersized and they have 2 7FTers.