Well Shaq, our starting C is coming back tomorrow, Jermaine is back and Nenad is day-to-day. And our playoff rotation is for sure going to include

PG- Rajon Rondo, Delonte West
SG- Ray Allen
SF- Paul Pierce, Jeff Green
PF- Kevin Garnett, Glen Davis
C- Shaquille O'Neal, ?

So who's the 1st option to be the backup C?

Nenad for half his time as a Celtics has wowed us with his offense -- his ability to finish, fit free throws, hit the mid-range, and even post up. He's been an inconsistent rebounder -- some games he's looked like our saving grace on the boards and others, he's looked like Rasheed Wallace. His defense is improving and his defensive shortcomings will be less magnified as a bench player, but he still fouls a lot and forces other guys to work harder to compensate for him.

Jermaine on the other hand, is a very solid overall defender, whether it is man-to-man, weakside, in the post, or on the perimeter. His rebounding, like Krstic's, is a question mark, although his toughness on the boards is probably better. His offense is decent but probably not quite Krstic's -- he does the same things but not at the same rate.

This is a very important question, seeing as either two of these guys is taking Perk's place in the rotation. In addition, these guys play pretty differently, and the guy manning that backup C spot will change the dynamic of this team.