These are a list of the Players that I found are UFA that are still looking for a team.  The Celtics assuming Green signs have 14 spots filled.  However Joseph, Moore, and Williams contracts are not Guaranteed.  Also Greg Stiemsma is still up in the air.  I would personally like them to get Chris Kamen, and Shannon Brown from this list. However, I doubt either one is going to give us the Home Boy Discount. Hope you all can give some of your suggestions. 

Leandro Barbosa          Dooling, Keyon       Felton, Raymond
Fernandez, Rudy         Fisher, Derek          Green, Gerald
Hinrich, Kirk                Howard, Josh         Humphries, Kris
Jamison, Antawn        Barnes, Matt          Brown, Shannon
Camby, Marcus         Daniels, Marquis       Delfino, Carlos
Diaw, Boris               Kaman, Chris           Lewis, Rashard
Martin, Kenyon         McGrady, Tracy        Novak, Steve
Parker, Anthony        Pietrus, Mickael        Randolph, Anthon
Redd, Michael           Robinson, Nate         Smith, J.R.
Stevenson, DeShawn  West, Delonte         Wilcox, Chris