I love KG and most of what he is, but jeez, a long, agile 6'11" MVP caliber player should SOMETIMES finish contested shots at the rim, right?

This team needs buckets in the paint and he just doesn't make those shots, and now he's bailing out in the middle of them and dumping it to Perk, who's right next to him, or Davis, or Rondo!? Women and children next?

He may be right about giving it to Rondo; at least he went right at Bynum and scored. Last night KG was literally throwing shots at the rim that had no chance and was stonewalled on others.

And he doesn't draw fouls in the process (3 FA attempts per game). Only Rondo of this year's starters has drawn fewer fouls. Shaq has about the same number but in half the minutes.  

It's not just last night. Has he always been just a jump shooter and a turnaround jumpshooter with the occasional lob or unmolested dunk? When was the last time you saw him turn, face, put the ball on the floor once, and attack the rim? Forget "successfully." Just do the basic basketball move? 

I saw it once early this year, and I nearly jumped out of my seat. KG with the ball in the left short corner, turned, up faked, one dribble right, and flush. It shocked me that I couldn't remember him ever having done that very thing!

Or spin out of the KG Shake into a power move to the hoop? Even when he has the obvious advantage and all the leverage to do it, he throws in one more fake and reverts to the fadeaway. It's a great shot. I get it. But if you NEVER go the other way effectively, why would a defender respect the fake at crunch time? From that spot he should be able to spin or reverse-spin and dunk.

Again, I love KG, but is any inside game from him gone? For a guy with a reputation for being a ferocious competitor, some parts of his game have become just plain dainty.

When the assembled "bigs" are doing the heavy lifting, it doesn't matter. But with Davis being all of 6'8, Shaq's performance dipping, Perkins also getting snuffed at the rim, and Semih sort of semi-consistent, when games come down to Garnett having to make a tough basket inside, he hasn't made them.
Tell me I'm dreaming. Tell me that it's his legs again. Tell me I'm making this stuff up.