Why Cavs will move Varejo

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    Re: Why Cavs will move Varejo

    I agree that Varajeo may end up being out of our price range.  I think I would rather have Gortat anyway.....he will rebound and score, that's what we need.


    I don't think we need another shooter, I think our shooters just have to start making their shots!

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    Re: Why Cavs will move Varejo

    In response to Ortiz123's comment:

    A would also expect Danny to shop for a dead eye three pts shooter..

    The Knicks have them, Sa has them...we need another...to open things up inside..Green is starting to make some noice..but other than Terry, we don't have any consitancy there.

    PP is no getting the job done there anymore, and I would not expect him to go through the who season as our only outside threat. Hopefully Barbosa can be more consistant.

    PP is better with his three point game than the other parts of his game. He can't handle the ball anymore and doesn't go to the basket.  Hopefully they can find a way for him to still be effective.

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    Re: Why Cavs will move Varejo

    Agreed, PP is becoming more of a shooter ala Bird in his last days. But Doc has to watch his minutes along with KG. I still say we need more shooters. Lets see how it pans out. I have lost faith in lee as an out side shooter. He's pretty good on his mid range though. They seem to stack the D on Rondo and PP and JG to take away their drives. If we don't get any consistant out side shots, we are an easy team to beat. Lee and Terry are the only one's that can pull up of the dribble a make them consistantly. If Green continues to find his stroke, then we are a much harder team to defend.That being said, I still would like to see a guy coming off the bench that we know is goind to launch them and make enough of them for the D to start to respect our out side shooting. NY just dismantled Miami the other night. It was a thing of beauty. Lakers have trouble defending the speedy guards that can shoot the treys also. That's why they are not getting past the second round as currently staffed in my humble opinion. This back to back should give us a better indication of our level of play. Go Celts...