Earlier in week Memphis traded Spieghts, Ellison, and a future 1st rd draft pick for Leuer (formally of Wisconsin) of the Cavs.   Spieghts can play (esp shoot).   Why didn't DA make this trade for ??? maybe Melo (only young player they have to trade...except his contract may be 3yrs and Grizz wanted ? expiring contract and to dump salary).   Cavs might have been under the cap and Cs not.   But, Cs woulda been closer if not given rediculous $ to JG and JT.   The trade basically was Spieghts and 1st rounder for Leuer.   Even Ellison can shoot better than anybody on the Cs bench (JT is over the hill).   Melo won't be any better than Thabeet.   As much help as the Cs need, if you can't make the team now... you got to be sorry (Oh yea concussion x 1mo after walking into a door (I have some prime land to sell you in the everglades).   DA is clueless.