What I'm most upset about, let's say disappointed,and I don't understand it. vs. Lakers 2 years ago we get blown out of game 6 and come within 4 pts despite Perkins being out and 37-17 egregious gift foul shots.

We get blown out in game 6 now & in game 7 come within 3-4 min of winning ECF. Why couldn't we have played competitively on our home court in game 6. Maybe we don't blow an 11pt lead. Maybe the daggers by Battier & Bosh don't go in. Maybe PP, Ray & Pietrus hit some 3s of our own ? Maybe our yelling home court fans affect the Heat's performance just enough for them to fold under the pressure as adrenaline from the Garden's setting keeps tired legs, like the Eveready Bunny, going & going. Ok, enough already...I reiterate it puzzles me we can play so well from one day to another---I didn't see any drastic adjustments---yet still frustratingly lose !!!

I agree with many posts that our aging and injured team deserves our respect. Doc, as on playing poker, tried to do the very best with the cards he was dealt ! Green, Wilcox, Bradley out & PP & Ray playing hurt and other than KG, no biggie like Gasol, Bynum, Howard, Bosh etc. who could put in rebs, hit 5-15 ft shots or toss it out for 2nd chances.  Most of the time Stiemsma & Hollins looked to pass rather than shoot which put 5 men on our 4 jump shooting team. No one but Rondo could drive to the basket & his shots were being blocked. PP used to be able to but he's older, slower & injured. As I said, Doc played his cards as