Why I Hate the Heat

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    Why I Hate the Heat

    The hated Heat get more ink in ignominious defeat than the classy Mavs get in their noble attainment of the NBA title.  How’s that for one good reason? 

    I admit I’m not much of a hater in the internet sense of the word yet I find myself joining the throngs of Heat haters out there and delighting in their loser’s anguish and in their ignoble defeat at the hands of an old school team with an old school super-star in Dirk Nowitski.  But why do I hate’em—let’s count the whys. 

    LeBron James, Cris Bosh, and Dwayne Wade.  There are three very good reasons.  Pat Riley.  There’s another.  These people colluded to get the three stars together in Miami to try to guarantee a long lasting dynasty.  They were talking about a possible 8 NBA titles.  What incredible hubris.  What a sense of entitlement.   

    While it has been said that what they did in their collusion was not technically illegal or against league rules, that remains debatable:  it certainly goes against the spirit of the league’s rules, the spirit of fairness and parity in the league.  Now, the league stresses that it is determined to not let it happen again by making changes to the new collective bargaining agreement in the realm of trades and free agency.  But they did let it happen for the Heat, and the NBA seemed to adopt the Heat as the face and image of the league and many thought, I included, that the league had already anointed the Heat as the next champions.  Another reason to hate them. 

    Did the league suddenly realize how hated the Heat are throughout the country and change course midway through the playoffs?  The Heat certainly stopped getting the favorable calls they had been getting up to game 3 of the finals.  The officials began calling charging fouls on James and Wade, something previously unheard of. 

    I dubbed Dwayne Wade “Thug Wade McDirty” during the playoffs because of his dirty play against the Celtics.  He gave unnecessarily hard fouls, dirty fouls and he flopped every chance he got, and the calls went mostly his way. 

    I dubbed LeBron James “Bron McTarded” because of this remark that a woman in the press corps during a press conference was “mentally challenged” during a question and answer session post-game. 

    LeBron is easy to hate because he is such an arrogant, phony jerk with a huge ego and an outlandish sense of entitlement.  The whole “The Decision” circus was so classless and distasteful that it alienated many people, again, like me, who either liked him or had no real opinion about him.  He created such a fiasco with “The Decision”, made such a monumental mistake, that it still boggles the mind.  Who was advising him?  Couldn’t anyone see what would come of such an egotistical display coupled with his betrayal of the City of Cleveland?  How it would be perceived? 

    And the coming out party with the smoke and mirrors and chest pounding display that Pat Riley orchestrated.  Has Riley ever heard of good taste, class, or is that now a thing of the past in today’s NBA? 

    Mainly I hate the Heat because they are such a phony, pasted together, store bought, readymade team that should have never happened.  In my opinion the league could have stepped in and stopped the collusion, and it would have been a good thing for the NBA.  

    These corporate types always seem to underestimate the American people.  What did they think?  That we were all going to adopt the Heat as America’s team?  What a pathetic joke.  People around the country hate the Heat and LeBron James and rightfully so.  The Heat represent the epitome of what is wrong with the NBA; over-indulged, self-entitled superstars enabled by misguided leadership at the top of the league. 

    I hated the way Jackson, Van Gundy, and Breen fawned over the Heat during the finals broadcasts as they were positive the Heat were the anointed ones.  When Dallas took it they were pretty much speechless. They are the worst broadcast team in the history of sports. 

    I so enjoyed watching the team America loves to hate, the Heat, implode and self-destruct on national TV right there in front of the Basketball Gods and everybody.  Denied by the Dallas Mavericks, an old school team of classy champions.


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    Re: Why I Hate the Heat

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       Denied by the Dallas Mavericks, an old school team of classy champions. http://rajonrondowski.blogspot.com/
    Posted by RajonRondowski

    This almost made me cry.
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    Re: Why I Hate the Heat

    How is your "Heat Championship Foreshadowed???" clown suit fitting you, rondowski?