Why I'm with the players

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    Why I'm with the players

    Not that I relish siding with sometimes overpaid millionaires, but . . .

    I have often thought someone would have to be crazy to be an NFL player.  By 45 you are highly likely to be either crippled or brain damaged.  And your contract isn't worth a lump of feldspar. You're committed to a certain team for a certain price only as long as they want you -- and they can (and do) cut you at any time for any reason and stop paying you without looking back.  You are the ultimate interchangeable part.

    The owners like this just fine -- and NBA and MLB owners only wish they could institute similar systems.  That's what Sterne and Co. are trying to aim for, and I don't wish them any success whatsoever.  Are NBA players overpaid?  Some of them definitely, but often not in relation to the revenue they bring in.  And unlike most NFL players, they are not treated like chattel.
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    Re: Why I'm with the players

    You can't compare the NFL to the NBA. Completely different unions, injuries, revenue, etc.

    I believe that the players should make the most that they can but I also do believe that some owners are losing money. The NBA owners are not looking for an NFL type system where they can just cut players. In fact, they have taken off the table the thought of non or partially guaranteed contracts.

    I think the owners have more leverage and will get the upper hand but I hope they can meet somewhere close to the middle and get on with free agency, etc.