I was telling my friends last nite while watching the game that KG needs to play inside more like a true PF.  I have been saying this for the last 3 years and I also mentioned to my friends when Barkley called out KG when he played in Minnesota how KG does not want the big shot and rathere passes it away to anothere team mate/  I hate the Lakers Fakers but i have to say that Gasoft plays more inside game than KG and Gasoft mixes up his game  with the 17 footers.  I love KG but pls go inside and bang just like u bang ur chest and head before the games.  Inside posting up plays are a high percentage play i always say.  You can get fouled or u can put back ur own miss or rebound. You live by the jumper and u die by the jumpers.  we need a banger like Mchale was.  Paul P, Bass and Rondo dont seem to mind banging.  J oneal needs to step up his game too and bang inside pls  what u guys think?  Oh by the way I have not seen any Rodo ally oops pass dunks to KG lately.  We need more athleticsm at the four or 5. I was still proud of my Celtics last nite how we gought back and almost stole the game. Play the rookies more the heat played a rookie last nite (Cole) and he practically beat us in the fourth quarter while Lebron and Wade watched him beat us in the final minutes but Cole will not do that again to us i believe