Will KG Return Without Pierce?

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    Re: Will KG Return Without Pierce?

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    Here's the thing, if the Celts amnesty Pierce, the Celts will be under the cap by 2-3m. So the Celtics will not be entering repeater tax territory if they amnesty Pierce.

    My question is will KG really stop playing if Pierce is no longer a Celtic?

    I mean that's what KG kept saying, that his future is tied to Pierce's.

    If KG changes his mind and decides he wants to play one more season then the Celts will basically have the same team from last season and 2-3m to spend on a free-agent.



    I hope this is what happens.


    I don't know what is best for the Celtics. They did not get a big man to help Garnett so what is the point in having him return. The addition of Lee, Terry, and a healthy Bradley proved less than stellar. The Celtics have a weak shooting three point team.  So all in all our chances are not good no matter who returns.  Bring in a good big and a couple of three point shooters and we could be worth watching next year. Based on what we have to work with it appears unlikely though.

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