Obtaining A. Blatche from WASH for the right to switch 2013 1st rnd draft picks w/no protection. (after this year's draft WASH does not need more youth, they may be looking for some veteran experience) This might be a way to insure that we get an experienced, athletic big for next year's roster (albeit a problematic player) who may respond to a change in scenary and we obtain a potential sweet lottery pick in 2013.

1. Obtain athletic big with experience since we are unlikely going to steal Hibbert (IND) or McGee (DEN) because they are RFA and both teams will likely match. Only caveat might be IND reluctance as a small market to commit the $ to Hibbert.
2. Possible top 7 lottery pick in 2013 to blend in with this year's selections and signings.
3. If KG is resigned w/Blatche in fold allows KG to play most of his minutes at PF either off bench or starter.
4. With Blatche, Stiemsma (or another economical big) and one 6"-10" big for the paint from 2012 draft provides us some depth and youth at a position that we have struggled filling with healthy bodies the last 3 years.
5. Teaming Blatche w/KG for at least one year could help him mature.

1. Blatche attitude and immaturity
2. Owed $23M over next 3 years
3. WASH makes significant strides as a team and 2013 draft choice is less beneficial.
4. Cap space hit, may mean letting Bass walk or doing a S&T for other players/picks.