Would You Move Up ?

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    Would You Move Up ?

    Regardless of any player additions, the Celtics will still be in the rebuilding mode this season.

    THIS IS THE KEY CONSIDERATION - There is no need to pay a premium for a proven player (except for ticket sales) and waste the money while we're not really competitive.  Start with the draft as a foundation.

    The Celtics can afford to acquire Embiid and sit him for an entire year and give him twice the estimated recovery time to heal.  He could still improve conditioning and most important learn NBA technique which he drastically needs.  

    Given the potential of Embiid as a rare franchise Center, I take the risk and trade up for him.

    #6 and 2015 first round pick to either Philly at 3 or Orlando at 4 for Embiid.  Neither Orlando nor Philly really need a Center and have other critical positional holes.  I believe that Orlando would be happy with Smart and Philly would be happy ending up with any two of Vonleigh, Randle, Gordon, Staukas or Harris with picks at #6 and #10.

    then I trade up with #17 and Philly's 2015 conditional pick to get Denver's #11 pick and select PG Payton who I think is the best pure PG in the draft.  We need our heir apparent to Rondo now, and the Celtics can trade Rondo at their convenience for the right deal by the trade deadline.


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    Re: Would You Move Up ?

    Embiid will fall faster than a sack of bricks, he'll be there at six, don't be surprised when we pass on him... and it will be the right thing to do.

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    Re: Would You Move Up ?

    I also don't think there is any reason to move up in this draft, none of the players is a clear cut superstar but a few of them will become one anyhow.  I trust Ainge.

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